Want to save some money during your exchange program?! Check out the ESNcard! With the ESNcard, not only will you be able to obtain discounts throughout Europe, but you will also have the chance to enjoy cultural programs, restaurants and bars, trips, guided tours, and many other things just for by being a student who is doing an Erasmus or Exchange Program. The ESNcard allows you to get to know the beautiful country of Hungary, which welcomes you, its customs, its culture and its lifestyle. The advantages of our ESNcard doesn't stop there! While being abroad, you'll be able to enjoy the advantages not only in Hungary but, traveling throughout Europe as well. You'll also profit from the discounts in every Europe ESN section for a whole a year!


The ESNcard is addressed to everyone who is in one of the following situations:

·       You have been an exchange student (Erasmus or any other exchange program)

·       You are currently on exchange

·       You are an active member of an ESN section.​



Want to become an ESNcard holder?

We sell ESN Cards during the whole semester starting during your orientation week. You'll have to fill in a few personal details, and put a personal picture of you on the back of the ESN Card. After filling in your personal details, putting a picture of yourself on the card, and activating it on the website, your card will be activated! From then, you can enjoy the benefits of your ESN Card! 



Advantages in Budapest:

Leisure: discounts in parties, bars, clubs

Trips: discounts in ESN trips

Accommodation: hostels

Services: phone cards, car rental, taxis, shops, beauty salon

Sports: fitness clubs, squash club


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