About the program

A Tandem Buddy is a local CUB student, to whom you can turn for help whenever you face a problem regarding your new life in Hungary. The program is also a great way to forge lasting international friendships, as many Tandem partners keep in touch for years after their exchange semesters. So buddy up! and make friendships which last for a lifetime.

How to apply



In order to receive a Tandem Buddy you have to sign up for Papaya. First, you have to choose your country of origin, then select ESN Corvinus as the closest ESN section to you and give all required information. Once your registration is accepted you need to subscribe to the Buddy System at Papaya and fill out a form, which will help us find you the most suitable Buddy. When we eventually do so, you will receive an email about it. 

Registration link: https://papaya.iter-idea.com                            

If you have any further question(s) regarding the Program, feel free to write to our Tandem Program Coordinator on this e-mail address: [email protected]