Hey, are you ready for your Erasmus in Budapest?

How could you, right? Well, we will be here helping you through this journey, by several events. As every semester, ESN Corvinus starts with an opening week, the Landing Days held for their Erasmus students. It's right before Orientation week, towards the end of August/January. What is this good for? Get to know your new home and university for the semester! If you don't have a flat yet, or need one more flatmate,or maybe you just want to visit some pubs and clubs with your future classmates - this is your chance!

During the week we will have various programs (Sightseeing, Campus tour, Pub crawl, Hungarian Language Workshop, and more!) Check in on our social media platforms for more information about the events, you won't want to miss them!

International Dinner

Attention Foodies! At the beginning of each semester we organize a spectacular night where you can not only show off your cooking skills but also introduce us the gastronomy of your country. And of course, try new, exciting dishes from other cultures! The International Dinner is a tradition in ESN and we guarantee that you are going to be amazed by it, so if you want to show the world how the food in your country tastes like, or you have amazing beverages everyone needs to try, make sure you bring them with you and participate! This is one of our most famous events, see you there! 


Day Trips

Hungary is truly a hidden-gem in the heart of Europe, and it’s much more than just Budapest.  For this reason ESN Corvinus dedicated itself to show you the Hungarian countryside as well! From time to time during the semester we are going to organize Day Trips, where we will hop on the train in the morning and show you around a town, and later that day we will return to the capital. In the upcoming Semester, Spring 2024, our first Day Trip will take place in Szentendre, which is famous for its cultural heritage and colourful streets!