Mov'in Europe

Mov'in Europe (Facebook) is an international ESN project that aims to promote mobility opportunities to young people, with the slogan: Mobility is a lifestyle. There are three main objectives:

  • raising mobility issues on the political agenda;
  • providing more information on mobility opportunities for young people;
  • encouraging the network to organise events and support the project.

There are many perceived barriers that need to be overcome when participating in an exchange programme, e.g. academic, linguistic, social, financial. In many cases, young people don't have access to the right information nor testimonials to rely on. ESN aims to organise Mov'in Europe activities meant to inform local students about mobility opportunities. Examples of Mov'in Europe activities include mobility days, study abroad fairs, linguistic tandems and conferences.

For more information about the implementation of Mov'in Europe within ESN Hungary or if you would like to help us implement this project, contact Us ([email protected]).