You may already know many of your fellow exchange students but have you ever had a deep conversation with them? Anyway, we bet there are still some topics that haven’t been discussed, so come and play We are not really strangers with us!😁
🗓When: 15th September, 6 PM
📍Where: Dean’s College
We’ll make pairs to start by, you only have to sit down and choose a fun question to answer for both of you! We will change partners from time to time so that you have the chance to get closer to more of your fellows!🫂
Also it might occur that we get some drinks to make the conversations smoother.😏🍻
Let’s play together!🥰
15/09/2021 - 18:30
Meeting Point: 
in front of the Main Building of Corvinus (the northern entrance)
  • Everyone is invited.