Who's excited for the next trip abroad this semester?


Come with us to visit our extremely beautiful neighbour country, sLOVEnia! Enjoy the amazing city of Ljubljana, the country's delicious dishes, Postojna cave and the unforgettable parties.


1st day

Lunch at Skriti Kot

Sightseeing in Ljubljana

Party at Cirkus

2nd day

Visiting the Castle of Bled

Free time

Dinner at Stari Tišler

Party at Top Six Club

3rd day

Visiting Postojna cave

Lunch at Astoria City Cuisine

Sightseeing at Maribor



With ESNcard: 34000 HUF

Without ESNcard: 36000 HUF

Tickets (will be) available at the ESN Corvinus office.


Meeting point: Bálna Budapest, 8:00am


See you in sLOVEnia ;)

20/10/2017 to 22/10/2017
34000 HUF / 36000 HUF without ESNcard
  • Everyone is invited.