Ready for a FREE hike?
This time we will discover... Budapest!
We will take you to places in the city where you have (probably 😛) never been before. We can promise, you will see gorgeous views, streets and buildings!
On this hike, we will try to do something different than usual. 👇👇
As perhaps you also experience it, there is plenty of litter on the streets of Budapest 💚
So on this hike we will not walk past litter on the ground, we will pick them up to make the environment around us cleaner and better. ♻️
We will also play some games along the way! 😍
Date: 28 November
Route: Gellért tér – Normafa
Elevation: approx. 700 m (all together)
Hiking route: Budai zöld//Buda green
Length: Approx. 15 km
📍Meeting time and location: 11 AM, Szent Gellért tér ( by the fountain, in front of the hotel)
Tickets: The event is FREE!
🐶 The event is dog (and any kind of pet)-friendly!
Anyone can join – invite your friends, colleagues, neighbours, anyone! 🙂
The event is organised as a sub-event of the Eco-Friendly Sports Erasmus+ Project to raise awareness about environmental issues while doing sports!
28/11/2021 - 11:00