Hey guuys get your microphones ready, ESN is coming with the ultimate event that will combine fun and helping local society through international students 🌍
We're organizing the European Charity Karaoke Night on the 3rd of November at 8pm 😍🎤An event that will take place the same day and at the same time in different European cities! 🥳 To participate in this karaoke you have to bring a kilogram of rice/pasta that we'll later be donated to a charitable organization. 🤍
The places are limited. So register and leave your mark in local society through a leisure event #THISisESN 🤝🏽
🕙When? 3rd of November at 8pm
📍Where? Africafe
🪙Price: 1 kg of rice/pasta
03/11/2022 - 20:00