Hey Fellas,

As you could have experienced it, Budapest is not so pointy, but now we embrace the impossible and bring you up to the sky. Okay, not the actual sky, but at 528 meters high, the picturesque top of János-hill, which is the highest point of Budapest. At the top of the hill you’ll find the Elizabeth Lookout Tower, named after Empress Elizabeth of Austria, built in 1910 in Neo-Romanesque style, from where you can enjoy a breath-taking panorama of the city.
This view is accessible by foot as well, but we will choose a more adventurous approach by using a Chairlift! This lift provides you some time to relax in the air, fly over nature and enjoy the windy winter.

Date: 3rd February, 13:00
Meeting point: Fővám square, at the entrance of Corvinus University

At the spot you will be able to purchase the tickets for the Chairlift, and don't forget to bring comfortable shoes, warm cloths, as the weather will be cold, and a little walk will be included in the "mountains".

Ready for the journey?

03/02/2019 - 13:00 to 17:00
Meeting Point: 
Fővám square, at the entrance of Corvinus University