Bought an ESNcard but you haven't got the passport photo for that yet? Don't worry, Fotológus got you covered! 

Fotológus lies in the heart of Budapest where they make professional passport photos for your ESNcard. They are the official passport photo partner for ESN Corvinus, but naturally they are happy to meet the needs of anyone from any section and country; and for that, they are happy to offer a -15% discount on passport photos, may that be in printed form, digital or both.

If you haven't got a passport photo on your ESNcard yet, don't worry! That's why we partnered up with Fotológus. They will still accept it, as soon as you add your freshly made photo on the ESNcard on the spot.

If you need a special passport photo or just curious about the details, check out the following link! https:\\

Find them at 38, Rákóczi st., Budapest 1072 (at Blaha Lujza square).