Deep Burger believes in bringing you some of the finest quality burgers in the heart of the Budapest party district. Found in 8 different locations; some Deep Burgers are connected to some of the most popular bars, so you can enjoy a pint of great beer paired up an awesome burger in your other hand. 

Through our ESNcard partnership, the Deep Burger chain offers free french fries with craft made ketchup if you buy any of their burgers!

The following bars has a Deep Burger integrated with them (so you could order your burger right to your bar table!):

  • Stifler Pool (Erzsébet krt. 19.)
  • Stifler Home (Akácfa u. 54-56.)
  • Stifler32 (Rákóczi út 32.)
  • Füge Udvar (Klauzál u. 19.)

List of all the Deep Burgers in the city:

  • Deep Burger Oktogon - Jókai u. 1 
  • Deep Burger Klauzál - Klauzál u. 21   
  • Deep Burger Akácfa - Akácfa u. 12-14.  
  • Deep Burger Dob - Dob u. 20.  
  • Deep Burger Stifler - Erzsébet krt. 19      
  • Deep Burger Akácfa 56 - Akácfa u. 54-56.      
  • Deep Burger Füge - Klauzál u. 19.        
  • Deep Burger Stifler32 - Rákóczi út 32