We’re Anjuna and we’re here to give you the perfect summer treat. All year round.

Things we make:

Everything we make is all natural and plant based. Absolutely no weird stuff, just nutritious pleasure from the highest quality ingredients. We want to include everyone in the Anjuna story, so most of our products are gluten-free and vegan! All of it. Call us hippies, but we do believe in a peaceful and a sustainable world so we don’t use animal products either.


Ice-pops are the heart of our company. Therefore we take them very seriously and we make them like our lives depend on it. We only use real fruits, fruits that you can buy at groceries or in the market. The word “concentrate” is not in the book of Anjuna. We believe in nature so we distance ourselves from anything artificial – coloring, flavoring or preservatives. As a result, we have 0 weird stuff in our ice-pops. We use plant based milk because we think it’s healthier. And it feels good to make less environmental impact. When it comes to flavours, we love classics but we also love going crazy in the kitchen, so sometimes we use spices you might have never heard of. Just an example to show off our brilliance: avocado-tarragon-lime, sounds freaking delicious, right?


We like to enjoy the hell out of every moment, every bit of cake we take. But it feels better to treat ourselves with food which not only tastes good but does good too. That’s the reason we have invented the Anjuna raw cake line to give something good to your mind, body and taste buds, if you’re not in the mood for an ice-cold treat.


With feelgood pots we’re aiming to squeeze the most possible nutrition into our pocket size pots, so that you can start your day happy and energized, with this grab-and-go breakfast. It gives you more snoozing time in the morning and gets you go all day long. Plus they are super tasty.  


We are just two guys who went to Anjuna beach one day and decided to revolutionise the popsicle business. No big deal. Actually, it was a big deal. Upon our return to Budapest, energised by motivation, purpose and an insane amount of sunshine, we gathered a team of believers who were on our side to go against the Goliaths of ice cream business. The Goliaths, who told us it was impossible to create ice-pops without concentrates, preservatives and glucose sirup. Ugh.

We thought: NO WAY and decided to prove them just so wrong. And guess what big dogs, people are loving our nutritious stuff! And we continue to be determined on creating a world where we never, ever have to eat stuff made of artificial nonsense we can’t even pronounce. A world with all natural, delicious ice-pops.